Monday, August 28, 2006

SplashID written up in PC Today

PC Today recommended SplashID as a security solution for portable devices in an article entitled, "Safe & Secure: Lock Down Your Portable Devices" their October 2006 issue. Here is the excerpt:

"SplashData SplashID ($29.95; strongly encrypts, stores, and password protects sensitive information in a secure database you can access and edit from your computer. Not only can you load personal contact and financial information, but you can also add client contact information, company price sheets, and anything you can organize by fields into a spreadsheet-style format. The program, which is available for handhelds and mobile phones, generates a nifty screen filled with recognizable icons to help you access the data quickly."

To read the rest of the article, pick up a copy of PC Today or visit their web site.


Anonymous said...

I purchased Splash ID today for my Nokia N73 and was displeased to find out that its installation was not supported by my phone. I downloaded the correct version for sure (splashid.3.32.sis) but don't know why it won't work.

SplashData said...

For the N73, you need our Series 60 3rd Edition version:

SplashID for Series 60 3rd Edition SIS

It is the second option on our download page:

Download SplashID for Series 60


Anonymous said...

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