Thursday, October 21, 2010

Businesses Need Smartphone Users To Smarten Up! 40% Of Smartphone Users Dont Use Password Protection

Equifax Warns Businesses To Update Their Security Policies To Include Smartphones National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

According to the latest research by leading ID fraud expert, Equifax, 40% of smartphone users dont use the passcode function on their device, leaving them vulnerable to fraud. With more people using a variety of smartphone devices for work, which can hold a large amount of information, Equifax is urging businesses to make sure they update their security policies to include smartphones. This can protect against any sensitive files or emails being accessed, should the device be stolen or lost.

SplashID Enterprise can be a useful tool to help secure data. 

SplashID Enterprise is designed to quickly and effectively address the most immediate password management concerns of IT. It allows an organization to use stronger password management practices without compromising security or increasing costs.

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