Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thank you for being a part of SplashID's story

As part of SplashID's 10-year anniversary and the launch of our sixth and latest version, SplashID Safe, we'd like to collect some short stories about what SplashID means to you.  We'll share these stories with our whole team here at SplashData and choose some of them to share with our entire user community and in some of the media coverage we're working on for later in the year.

What you submit is totally up to you, but some story ideas could be:
  • Why you started using SplashID
  • How you're using SplashID now
  • Ways that SplashID has helped you
  • People you have recommended SplashID to
Please submit here


Mike Niller said...


i want to say thank you for a great job you've done on your blog.
I have a software download website and I also write articles for people to help them with their computers and software. Is it possible to place this article on your blog as a guest post?

Andy G.

Anonymous said...

I am writing to BEG you to release a SplashShopper version for Android. Please, please, please. I just replaced my old Palm with a new Android phone and the shopping list managers out there are simply not cutting it. Please? Pretty please?

SplashData said...

We are working on SplasShopper for Android, might not be that far now.